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The path is guised with the Walk of Truth and the Road of Lies…Equally they appear pleasing, riddled with their austere teasing.. Beneath the surface the future’s blossoms will adorn, a world that is sleeping, waiting to be reborn. Truth is like a diamond, so pure and brilliant, a family’s love is binding, powerful and […]

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This Is It – Have YOU Discovered The Person You Never Knew?

Everyone can discover a person they never knew, within themselves, if they listen to the messages of love. That is really the point. To discover that you have the power to influence positive changes, if you only realize that you can.   It begins with caring about yourself..your children..your friends and family…the world around you…recognizing […]

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To understand how the world works, you need to open your eyes to the clues around you.  How do we know who is spreading darkness versus the light if we take everything at face value?  

To be pure of heart is not the same as being naive, but quite the opposite.   The pure of heart know the world can be a cruel and unfair place, but dispite this, want to at least have their life represent a point of light, a little star that never gives up the desire to shine it’s light – even if the universe’s darkness tries to oppress it.